Ten pounds of weird in a five-pound bag.

Hi, my name is Matthew Maniaci, I’m 34, and I’m a huge nerd. I enjoy playing board games with friends, going to sci-fi conventions, and playing with my four cats. Also, apparently I can’t write a short article to save my life.

The Story of my Life (Abridged)

I was always an awkward kid in grade…

Schadenfreude at its best.

Have you ever seen a conservative white guy posture on the internet, calling liberals “snowflakes” and talking about how they love “owning the libs?”

How about the Cornfield Commandos who like to cosplay in their tacti-cool military surplus gear with their big, manly rifles, even though they couldn’t even qualify…

Matthew Maniaci

Living with and talking about mental illness in an open, honest way to help break down stigma. I was one of those suicidal kids you read about. He/him/his.

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